Témoignages de Louis et Gabriela (University of Queensland) en Study Abroad

Dans le cadre de leur études à l’école Sup’Biotech, Louis et Gabriela ont passé 1 semestre d’études à University of Queensland en Australie. Découvrez leur témoignage.

> What was your favourite thing about UQ?

L: What I really enjoyed about UQ is the grading system based mostly on regular essays that we have to submit, compared to France and all the weekly exams, it’s in my opinion a better way to evaluate the student. The campus is also extraordinary, like a small city in itself, and the freedom provided by the schedule is also enjoyable especially for a foreign student.
G: My favourite thing about UQ is the campus itself : it is full of life, there is always something going on.

> What was your favourite course?

L: My favourite course was Australia’s Terrestrial Environment, in this course you study about all the fauna and the vegetation in Australia which really interesting and the field trip (which is not really vacation) allowed me to see gorgeous landscapes.
G: My favourite course was MARS2005 : Australia’s Marine Environment, mainly because of the field trip to Heron Island.

> What was your favourite thing about Brisbane / your favourite place in Brisbane?

L: My favourite thing about Brisbane was the total gap in the architecture compared to a European city. my favourite place in the city was South Bank as the view is nice and there are a lot of nice tiny bars near the River, it’s perfect to watch the twilight.
G: My favourite thing about Brisbane is its location. You can be in  the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast in just 1hour, and it is half way between Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef so it’s easy to explore the country.

> What was the biggest difference between studying at S’Up Biotech and studying at UQ?

L: There many differences but in my opinion the biggest one is the amount of free time you have when you study in UQ, and if you don’t fill this free time with activities it can be depressing so subscribe to different clubs and or the gym is the advice.

 > Was there anything you found difficult about studying at UQ / living in Brisbane?

L: The thing that makes studying at UQ hard is that in all the classes even the one dedicated to foreign students, the vast majority of the other students will be either from the UK or from the US and so the level of English required can be hard to reach. But having friends from an English speaking country can counter that as they can provide help for proofreading you essays.
G: Having all my courses in English a little bit difficult when I arrived but I rapidly got used to it.

> Would you recommend UQ to your classmates? Why?

L: I definitely recommend it for two main reasons. The first one is to live in a country with a totally different culture/landscape/fauna which is an amazing experience. The second one is that for those who still live with their family as it used to be the case for me, living by yourself for five month really makes you grow up and you are down under, you are really cut for five month from your former life, it’s a new start and this is definitely something worth experiencing as a young adult.
G: Of course I would recommend UQ to my classmates, it was a lovely experience and if I had to do it again, I’d do it without hesitation.


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