5 reasons to choose Francaustralia among all other education agencies

Australia is the best place to study. Hence there are a lot of education agencies that can help you finding the right studies for you. However, Francaustralia is the best. Here are the 4 reasons why.

1/ It’s free!

We know backpackers and students don’t have much money. No problem! Our advice is 100% free for you.

2/ We have many different schools partners

We know you guys have different objectives. Some of you want to study seriously and get a good and recognised diploma. Some of you just want a student visa that will allow you to stay in Australia. We have the answers for any project.


3/ We can work from anywhere

We have an office in Paris and Brisbane so we can meet you if you’re there. If you’re far away from us, no worries! We can work on your project from anywhere by email and skype.


4/ Study in any sector

Beauty, Engineering, Business, Construction, General English, Preparation for IELTS… We’ve got any courses you want! You just need to ask.

5/ We’ve been doing it for a long time…

We have been advising students for 16 years! You can definitely trust us.