Entrées par Mai Loan Do Cao

How to easily improve your English?

It’s not always easy to improve your English by yourself. Here are 5 tips to learn English everyday without even noticing you’re actually learning. 1/ Sing! Sing your favourite american/australian/english song. It’s a nice way to repeat lyrics and have fun! It’s not always the grammar you’d learn at school, but hey, it’s how everybody […]

Why is Adelaide the best place to study?

We believe Adelaide is the perfect destination for international students and offers everything a student could ever ask for: Affordable living Living in Adelaide is cheaper than most Australian cities; costing around 20% less to live compared to Sydney and Melbourne around 5% less than Brisbane and Perth. The cost of rent ranges from $90 […]

Why is Australia such a great place to study?

Australia attracts half a million international students each year. What makes Australia such a nice place to study? 1/ You can study AND make international friends Australia attracts students from all over the world. In one class you can find chinese, latino, european, thai, indian, arabic people… It’s not only the Australian culture that you’re […]

15 slang words you need to know in Australia

Australia is famous for its slang and its own expressions. Here are 15 words & expressions that you need to know to survive in Oz. 1- Well, « Oz » Meaning Australia. You can also hear « Straya » or « Downunder ». 2- « No Worries » Aussies use it all the time. It means « no problem », « don’t worry » or « you’re welcome » […]