How to easily improve your English?

It’s not always easy to improve your English by yourself. Here are 5 tips to learn English everyday without even noticing you’re actually learning.

1/ Sing!

Sing your favourite american/australian/english song. It’s a nice way to repeat lyrics and have fun! It’s not always the grammar you’d learn at school, but hey, it’s how everybody talks.

2/ Read a story for kids before going to bed

It’s baby English but it’s still English. It’s very easy to understand, and perfect to fall asleep ! Maybe you’ll even dream in English after such a great story.


3/ Learn 1 word a day

Pick a new word to learn and try to use it at least 5 times during your day. Do it every day and your vocabulary will improve quickly.

4/ Post-it notes on your toilet door

Every time you go, read them. Every week change them. Repeat.


5/ Enrol in an English School

It’s the best way to learn. It’s not always boring like you can remember from school. We enrol our students in classes that are fun, entertaining and interactive. Believe us, you won’t see time flying! Contact us for more information.


Happy learning guys!