Master professionnel en gestion des aires protégées à Murdoch University (Perth)

Le Master of Protected Area Management de Murdoch University est un Master en 1 an accessible à la suite de 4 années d’études supérieures dans le même domaine ou d’une Licence + 3 ans d’expérience professionnelle adéquate.

Description du programme : Built on a consortium of universities within Australia, this Masters course is designed to provide overseas and Australian middle level to senior protected area managers with up-to-date skills and knowledge in effectively managing and developing policy for protected areas. Globally relevant information on planning, managing, administering and protecting these areas will be provided through investigating the latest theories and practical case studies. Students will build their expertise in landscapescale planning and management, environmental monitoring, and collaborative governance and management, especially with Indigenous communities.

Frais de scolarité pour l’année : 32 946 $AU (23 378€ au taux du jour)

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