Témoignage de Claire (University of South Australia) : Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability

Découvrez le témoignage de Claire Moine, étudiante française partie avec Francaustralia Education pour un master en environnement à UniSA (University of South Australia, Adelaïde).

> What degree are you currently studying at UniSA?

Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability (Natural Resource Management)

> What influenced you to study this degree?

The different classes seemed to be really interesting (and actually are!). Also, I think that Environmental Management is a key to a sustainable future, in urban areas especially, and I want to be a part of that.

> Why did you choose to study at University of South Australia?

Adelaide seemed to be a very enjoyable city first! Also, I was really taken with one or two classes proposed in that Master.

> What do you enjoy most about studying at the University of South Australia?

The infrastructures are really nice (libraries, computer pools, equipped classrooms…) and Mawson Lakes Campus is so enjoyable! The fact that it is not in the city is both a good and a bad thing: you have to take a bus if you live in the city (quite quick though), but at the same time, it’s really enjoyable to get away from the CBD. Also, student life at UniSA is amazing: sport events, parties, clubs, cooking nights…SO MUCH YOU CAN DO!

> Which campus are you studying at and what do you think of it?

ML and City East. As I said, I’m really happy with the campuses at UniSA!

> What facilities did you use on campus?

Libraries, fitnesshub, cafeteria, computer pools, student lounges.

> What do you think are the key elements in your degree that will help you find employment once you graduate?

– Technical knowledge of course
– Managing your time
– Managing a group project
– How to manage literature (journal articles mainly)

> What are your career aspirations/do you have a specific industry sector you’d like to work in and why?

I don’t have a specific idea for now, I still want to see what my opportunities are. I’ve only done one semester for now.

> Final question: what advice would you give to a student considering studying this program and at UniSA?

Manage your time! Studying is essential so you have to spend time on your assignments and tutorials. However, student life at UniSA is incredible, and you have to make time to enjoy it! So many international students, and so many cultures, that’s wonderful!

Après cette interview, Claire a finalement obtenu une bourse d’excellence de UniSA, «Division’s High Achiever Grant» d’une valeur de 4 500 A$. Toutes nos félicitations à Claire pour son brillant parcours!


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