What to send to your family for Christmas?

Christmas is coming! Lights and Christmas trees are everywhere now and that’s a time when you miss your family the most. Being far away in this period is not easy as an international student. Here are 3 ideas of Aussie gifts to send to your family to remind them that being far away doesn’t mean you forget them.

1- The naughty present

Send them a bottle of wine for Christmas! But them send some goon… Oh wait, what ? It’s not April Fool ? Sorry, send them a great bottle of wine from Western Australia then 😉

2- The useful present

If your are from the northern hemisphere, your family is spending Christmas in the cold. Send them a bunch of Pawpaw cream for their poor lips! It’s useful, light to send, and cheap!

3- The surprising present

You probably already know this one.

4- The yummy present

You can’t go wrong with Tim Tam!

5- The safe present

The safe presents are Australian Christmas cards! It is safe because it’s cheap and you are sure that your family will be happy to receive cute koalas and Santa in the sun!


If you don’t have the chance to go home for Xmas, don’t feel alone! Lots of events are organised between international students 🙂