Why is Australia such a great place to study?

Australia attracts half a million international students each year.

What makes Australia such a nice place to study?

1/ You can study AND make international friends

Australia attracts students from all over the world. In one class you can find chinese, latino, european, thai, indian, arabic people… It’s not only the Australian culture that you’re going to learn about! You’ll make friends from all over the world, which is great for your professional network as well.

2/ You can study AND travel

Australia is great to study but it’s also amazing for tourism. The academic calendar will allow you some time to go and explore the country. Who wants to go on a road trip ?

3/ You can study AND make money

A student visa allows you to work 40 hours every fortnight and with no limit during holidays, which is a great opportunity to make some extra pocket money.

4/ Free advice on your studies

In Australia, lots of education agencies can help you to choose the right studies. Francaustralia Downunder does it for free ! Come and meet us in our office in Brisbane or contact us on Facebook 😉