You know that you are an Australian backpacker when…

Being an Australian backpacker means lots of things… Here are 7 hints that show you’ve been traveling in Australia for a long time!

1/ 100 km is a short distance

You drive more than 1000 km in 2 days to go from a city to another and it’s totally normal for you.

2/ 88 is not just a random number

88 is a magic number for you because you know that after your 88 days of farm work, you’ll be free! Finally able to stay in Australia legally 🙂

3/ You tried Vegemite

It was a disgusting experience but you made it try to a friend pretending it was really good

4/ You tried to quit smoking 8730 times

You failed and the price of the cigarets you bought now exceeded the price of your flight to come here.

5/ You’ve never used wikicamp so often before

OMG Wikicamp became your best friend 😉

6/ Your Facebook feed is full of selling ads

Your Facebook feed is worse than Coles’ website. You don’t even see your friends’ news anymore, you only see cars ads for sale and posts from people who are looking for jobs.